So I have a few things.
1: It might be good to allow access to all followers, even the ones not in your current party, whilst the player character is in the camp. I like to collect gear for all companions, not just my regular team, so it would make it much easier if one could access all companion's inventory whilst in camp, instead of having to kick some companions out of my party, ask others to join, give them the gear, ask them to leave, and then ask the others to join again. It's not a problem the first few times, but then it gets kind of annoying. It would also allow me to level them up then instead of later, which is a minor concern, but could be nice.

2: It's nice that you have implemented another short rest, but it also means that the player doesn't take long rests as often, which isn't bad, but the cutscenes related to the long rests need to be tweeked a bit because they now show up later in the game. I had Astarion spout all kinds of vampire related stuff in the party banter before my character was supposed to figure out that he was a vampire via the "bite-my-character-whilst-she-is-sleeping" cutscene.

3: Please allow the player to take all companions with them when the fast-travel away from camp. It's not an issue when taking a long rest most of the time, because you just wake up where you left off in the adventure, but when you pop back to get something or talk to someone the party splits up, and you have to manually make everyone in the party fast travel. Also if you switch someone in your party out, they cannot fast travel until you place down a save with them in the party, and then load that save file. It's very annoying when you do it a few times.