It's not just that there is too much stuff, or too much money, or that some players are hording rather than selling or consuming their inventory...

Its that there just isn't anything to spend the money on other than more stuff.

Nobody asks you for any money in this game, and everything you do is free in BG3.
In BG1 and especially in BG2, everything had a cost in gold.

Resting costs us nothing here, whereas in the earlier games you had to spend money just to sleep unless you were outdoors.

Information is also basically free in BG3. Nobody really demands a bribe or a pay-off before telling you what they know. They just volunteer the info. There are no bars or barkeeps to offer us rumor mills after emptying our wallets and downing a horn of ale or 2 dozen.

Healing is free and there's no need to raise dead or seek out temple resurrection. There are no curses to remove and stuff of that sort, and no priests to take your gold from the collection plate. Reputation doesn't need to be managed and doesn't seem to matter all that much for the kinds of encounters you face or the ability to move freely in-town. Merchant reactions/prices just seem based on Charisma and "friends" is a cantrip now.

Merchants also don't have hidden stock, reserved only for trusted customers with deep pockets.

Stealing is relatively simple and regular merchants are perfectly happy to buy stolen goods, so there is no cost associated with fencing loot.

Potions and scrolls and other consumables can be found all over the place, so instead of spending money on essential potions and spells we can just collect the freebies.

Quests and dungeon crawling award plenty loot in BG3, but rarely require any money to initiate or complete.

Its not like Zevlor says "its going to cost us a small fortune to get to Baldur's gate! How will we ever raise the money?" or if the Goblins demanded "regular tribute not to kill you on sight!" Or if Minthara needed "10,000 gold, for the Absolute! No excuses" or whatever.

The only cash sink seems to be Gale's need to eat enchanted equipment, which is a poor substitute for all that other stuff that typically put a strain on Charname's purse in the old games.

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