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Here Zaeed Massani -- a bounty hunter who will literally kill anyone (good or bad) for money -- is classified as "True Neutral" basically just because he's not eating babies for fun. For the record, a bounty hunter who's happy to kill good guys or bad guys as long as he gets a paycheck would be better described as evil.

Lawful evil does not imply government orders or compliance with their laws... In fact, it can be anyone's orders. But as you said, he's a hunter, obviously a neutral character. There is nothing "chaotic" about him, if he kills someone for money for his own benefit, then that doesn't make him chaotic. It's pretty obvious, even if you used it as an example. This character perfectly fits the definition of a true neutral.

1. He is only interested in the benefit for himself
2. He is indifferent to other people's problems
3. He will not harm anyone just for fun
4. Impartial

That's enough. I absolutely agree with Killer Rabbit. But I wouldn't say that Larian is going in this way. I am glad that they use the usual archetypes, but with the worldview they can do different way.

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