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4. Impartial
For Zaeed to be evil he should refuse to kill other evil people? Why? Out of solidarity?

"Well, I got a contract to kill that guy but then I learned he eats babies so you know... I'd feel uncomfortable about killing such a cool dude. That's why I joined Team Evil. When you join Team Evil you need to be willing to stand up for your comrades. Because I think the world would be better if everyone just ate more babies and I am willing to make a personal sacrifice to make that world a reality.

Team Evil: Because babies are delicious."

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1. He is only interested in the benefit for himself
2. He is indifferent to other people's problems
That's not evil?

The alignment system as defined:

  • I will harm others for personal benefit.
  • Maybe eating babies is fun, maybe it's delicious, or maybe it's profitable. Either way, if there's a baby in my belly that doesn't bother me.

  • I won't harm others just because it benefits me, but I am not responsible for harm inflicted by others.
  • I won't eat babies but if someone else wants to eat babies then that's not my problem.

  • I am responsible for preventing others from causing harm. I should make personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.
  • If someone else tries to eat a baby, I should stop them even at personal cost.

IN ADDITION, the stupid alignments:
Stupid Evil:
  • I will harm others even at personal cost.
  • Babies taste terrible but I eat them because I mean... uh... you know... babies. They don't like it. You gotta eat them.

Stupid Neutral:
  • I literally can't tell the difference between good and evil. I think they should all just compromise.
  • Person A wants to eat a baby (evil). Person B (good) doesn't want Person A to eat a baby. How about we compromise and let Person A eat half a baby?

Stupid Good:
  • I will be "nice" even at personal cost, and even at cost to others.
  • If I meet someone who likes eating babies, then at personal cost I will provide that person with a dining table and a cooking pot and politely ask them to use these items for good. I'm a nice person. Yay!

You're also wrong about Zaeed being "neutral" in terms of lawfulness by the way. Every possible answer is both correct and yet completely and utterly wrong.

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That we're able to have this argument shows how broken the alignment system is.