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The very first time you Go To Camp and End The Day, there is an animation after you click the bedroll. For my first five playthroughs, it has always been a glimpse of the top of the ruin next door, panning up to the sky. Which was weird - why show that? There's nothing there - but I didn't really think much of it.

THIS time - 6th time lucky? - the camera pan *started on the ground* and SHOWED ASTARION STALKING OFF INTO THE FOREST. Which TOTALLY makes sense, in light of what we learn later and is a brilliant clue!!! Then the camera pan continues up the ruin next door to the sky.

So please fix that so it always shows the complete animation, showing Astarion creeping off.

I always saw that animation.

Maybe it's something with your PC? That maybe it loads the scene rather slowly, and that's why you missed the start of the scene?

Than Larian has to implement a check, that a scene should only play, when it is fully loaded.