Not in terms if Baldurs gate storylines. You barely did the prequel.

As mentioned in my post, if you'd have read it carefully you probably wouldn't have written this; it doesn't matter how much longer the journey is ahead, it matters how much you've already been through together from the beginning to the end of Act 1. By your reasoning, it doesn't matter if the party has been together for a day or a few years, so long as it's the middle of the story or the end of it only then certain behaviors are justified and nothing that has happened in-between matters. It is flawed reasoning, I cannot stand behind it. Regardless if you decide to stick to your opinion, it's yours.

So you didn't care for her backstory at all and did go in form the tits all out right away? Sound like moronic sexdrive rather than romance to me. Correct me if I'm wrong but this wasn't in the game description.
BG3 isn't as creepy moronic as The Witcher where you unlock the ingame XXX scenes as rewards.

I fail to see how her backstory justifies childish behavior unless the fact her memory erased also erased her personality's growth and if that is the case I expect her to be much more juvenile. It is certainly an option and a possibility for her to fear intimate relations and attachment, but the way it was executed exhibited, in my opinion, a poorly portrayed character acting like an incompetent child as opposed to an adult priestess of a god (quite the status) who probably had a tad more emotional resilience than this.

Interesting leap in context you make young Padawan. Revealing. Revealing this is.

I don't see what you are insinuating here or what you think you are conveying, regardless you took 7 words out of a 50+ words paragraph.

Seceral people detect you very early and show questionable interest in your progress.

You simply assume wrongly there isn't any dire consquences in hidden stats by your camp. It's not +1 /-1 love heart on the romance scale.

I simply assume wrongly the way you assume wrongly there are going to be some significant consequences from the camp, this is merely a baseless assumption at best from both sides. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the camp at all and how they behave towards it; the interaction is an offer with an outsider, go through with it or don't, but do not give the players 'illusion of choice' - furthermore, if you persist on your claim and say 'but there is a choice, it affects the camp though' it is a roundabout, inefficient and disappointing way to do so.

Regardless, I've read all of the comments in response to mine; to those who resonated with my claims, brilliant, good to say we're on the same wavelength. These comments, compliments, and criticism were all based on the hundreds of comments I've read, and I merely felt the need to state my opinion.

To those who disagree with my feedbacks, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it. I will not attempt to convince anyone otherwise through logically-structured arguments as that seldom works, and the majority simply are grounded and have no interest in this.

Larian's true challenge is taking the notable points from all our feedbacks and creating a playthrough that suits most of us (as making everyone satisfied is impossible). Through this skeleton of the early-access Act 1, I have faith Larian can weave a magnificent story by reading people's comments, using statistics and data-retrieval to back their decisions, and being open-minded. Good luck to Larian, and until we meet again on the next post.

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