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This Woman leading them even got a cool Noble's name indicating the stylish Drowsociety background story!
What is she? The most dressed up trashmob of all times?

I know right. I was hoping to talk to the spectator since theyre supposed to be deep and philosophical beings unlike the average beholder. At first I thought it was because my character was a drow but looks like it attacks anyone and everyone regardless of how you approach it.

The greatest pleasure for most spectators was thwarting the forces of chaos and in defending valuable objects. A spectator's strong sense of justice dictated that creatures who did not intrude upon their duties had a right to live, and they would never attack a helpless opponent unless attacked via sly or cruel means. Killing creatures for any reason outside of duty or self-defense would lead most spectators to commit suicide in distress via self-imposed brain overload.

Really hoping this turns into a cool quest somewhere down the line where you get to talk to the big 'ol eye and maybe save/kill the drow lady?