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....a stealth patch?

...What are you asking, exactly?

Because there's nothing "stealth" about the upcoming patch.
We were told in December it would come in January, we can see on the SteamDB that it's getting daily updates recently and we know thanks to Larian's twitter that they are explicitly preparing to release it soon.

Larian never said January. They said "after the holidays" to give themselves flexibility.

almost two weeks ago they said something on twitter about patch4 being around the corner and more news coming soon. Again they created this problem themselves. The issue is not that people have unrealistic or demanding expectations, the issue is that Larian first sets expectations and then goes silent. If they wouldn't have posted two weeks ago that the patch was around the corner and more news would be available to us soon, then I wouldn't have had any expectation towards them at all. Obviously they do not owe us any updates but if they communicate towards the public it would be nice if they tried to be open, consistent and transparent about it instead of the sometimes ambiguous insinuating statements followed by complete communication black-outs.

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