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As for the knockout mechanics - I think it should be a cast scene in a good playthrough, when there is an opportunity to save her life and take her to the party. Very few players will correctly use the knockout mechanic, I think for IMPORTANT characters Larian need to do cast scenes with an offer to surrender, and knockout only for
not important characters / Easter eggs / enemies with information
Easy to do, I will repeat what I have said in different thread:

During the fight, Minthara and Zevlor should be brought down to 1 hp first, instead of being outright killed. Only player should be able to finish them off for good. Scroll of revieve/resurrection should still be able to bring them back though.
Problem: Outcomes of the battle being different, instead of just killing all the enemies.
a) Minthara is knocked out, battle ends. Zevlor talks to us, what to do with new prisoner.
The options should include:
- Giving her to druids/tieflings
- Finishing her off
- Taking her as a prisoner
b) Minthara is dead, battle is over. Current version of cutscene is started.
c) Minthara is unable to fight, due to being too wounded and exhausted, but still conscious + fight is over. First, we can approach her, to ask a few questions and possibly foreshadow our intentions, then cutscene with Zevlor discussing with us about what to do with drow starts. Or we just finish her off.
d) Attackers flee, the Drow warlord is at full health. Tries to escape, ends up being captured. Altered cutscene with Zevlor plays.
e) The Cleric of Absolute is surrounded by the enemies and the rest of her soldiers flee. She tries to make the last stand. Player should be given the possiblity to persuade her to surrender, promising no harm etc. Otherwise she fights until the moment of not being able to fight anymore (1 hp). PC gets to decide to do with warlord afterwards.
Talking to Minthara after the battle, still at the grove and knocking her out glitches the whole final part of the quest. If we return back from the camp, after a long rest, she talks to us as if nothing happened, telling us that she will visit our camp. Homever, returning to camp doesn't start the celebrations. Nothing happens, except for Halsin attacking us.

If we happen to fight the drow lady, after the camp celebration and knock her out, no matter the previous treatment (if we were nice to her, or not) and we return to camp after the long rest, she is initiating the fight with 1 hp. Even if we knock her out again + come back after another long rest. It makes no sense.
We should be able to capture her afterwards or decide to patch her up. (if we treated her well and failed the 5 DC persuasion check)
Both could happen as well at same time.

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Especially the camp interaction, in current form makes no sense. Even if we fail the ridiculously easy roll; she still fights us and there is no way to forgive her, if player wishes to/capture the drow. She just keeps wanting to fight lol. (Same behavior for Halsin)
I do not think that she would be willing to fight in that situation (that means, knocked out, gets up, is badly wounded - 1 hp). Especially if PC would treat her well before and after the fight.

I was thinking too, that if the persuasion roll fails, and we treated the Minthara well before, then we lose the fight; our entire party is slaughtered, besides the player, who is knocked out and wakes up in next morning. It could be pretty interesting, like she is forced to fight us, cannot resist the Absolute well enough, but still isn't going to kill the PC. With the opportunity to meet later somewhere again.
But that's just a thought, the options provided above are much more fleshed out.

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