I actually don't have a problem with Minthara or with romances in games. I actually DO want to f**k/marry/kill *whoever* in games - WHEN DONE (written) WELL.

The current state of things in EA + this thread made me voice my opinion, as I genuinely fear for the "well written" part.

"Mature" does not have to mean just violence, sex and profanity, although it often means just (and only) that...

For inspiration, look no further than BG2 (+ToB) - although far from perfect, it was not _just_ a collection of campsite story progression-based dialogs rewarding you with fanficty dialogs/cutscenes if you collected enough "I like you" points. Or Planescape: Torment - romances do not have to be just between party chars.

EDIT: There already is a lot of feedback regarding the current state of the romances, especially the infamous after-battle celebration "If only you collected more "I like you" points, then we could have sex" dialogues.

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