After playing BG3 for some hours, I only have only one thing about Astarion character that seems a little bit off for me. We basically traveling with quite the powerful company, if we look at their backstories. So why not to start game from a higher level? I have played D&D and such cases are very very common. That way, Astarion could have been introduced with more vampyric powers (after he reveals himself as a bloodsucker). Right now, he just seems like a simple rogue, even with that bite. I don't think that tadpole's work on entering the houses uninvited, walking in the sun and overwritting mental hold from Caz is too much or against any lore. The tadpole itself is being tampered with by the greater power, so such feats should not be impossible.
Also, I hope that we get to play a side story about dealing with Caz. And if we win, I hope it is not some drooly love story end with Astarion dismissing his Evil alignment. I would really want to see an end, where freed Astarion (or even finally a true vampire Astarion) imprisons (as living blood bags), kills or enslaves (thrall, spawn) every travel companion who helped him and he feels even a little bit attached too. It would be a trully good and vampire lore fitting end. After all, D&D vampires are creatures without soul, serving only their evil whims and desires.

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