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And yours are separable? If so, I'm impressed you must have the gods on your side wink I don't think you -- or anyone -- can provide a definition of "lifelike" that doesn't reflect ones view of what life is like. Right?

The way I want morality to be more like it is in the real world is the same I want gravity in the game to be more or less believable. Yes, we can have cartoony physics and allow everyone to jump like mario, that results in some level of goofiness, implementation of objective morality has the same effect, though I like magic in my games I still prefer the rest of the aspects, which exist in real life, to be more or less grounded in reality.

Objective morality does not exist in real life, same as there is no food that is objectively delicious, it varies from individual to individual. Yes you could create a fantasy world in which all foods would be on a hierarchy of taste, and EVERY SINGLE character would consider the same foods to be delicious, but why would you do that?