Yes you could create a fantasy world in which all foods would be on a hierarchy of taste, and EVERY SINGLE character would consider the same foods to be delicious, but why would you do that?

This example confuses me. How, in Bhaal's name, does alignment lead to uniformity of taste? It seems to do the opposite -- you have set of flavors. If you like Lawful good = lemon / Neutral = oatmeal / Chaotic neutral = ghost pepper. Right? Differences as opposed to uniform grey mush?

The way I want morality to be more like it is in the real world is the same I want gravity in the game to be more or less believable.

My point is

a. that worldview is just that -- a world view. What seems realistic to you is informed by your view of the world.

There are opposing moral system --

Grey morality : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Realism_(international_relations)
Principles should inform actions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_justice

b. I don't want want my game to be a (more or less) accurate reflection of the real world. I want gods. Magic. Supernatural forces. Planes of existence.