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Objective morality does not exist in real life, same as there is no food that is objectively delicious, it varies from individual to individual. Yes you could create a fantasy world in which all foods would be on a hierarchy of taste, and EVERY SINGLE character would consider the same foods to be delicious, but why would you do that?
I disagree that there's no such thing as objective morality. However, it is impossible to make objective moral statements without a full understanding of context.

God: Thou shalt not kill
Me: But what if someone's trying to kill me? What if they're trying to eat my baby?
God: Well, self-defence is okay
Me: But what if I could have easily avoided the situation?
God: Well, maybe you should have tried to avoid it then. Jesus.
Me: So when can I kill?
God: I think you're kind of missing the point here...
Me: So what is the point then? Can I kill or not?
God: Well try not to kill people if you can avoid it.
Me: But what if I like it?
God: Well... maybe you shouldn't like killing. That seems kind of weird. I dunno.
Me: Oh. Okay then.
God: Oh, and heathens. They deserve it. You can kill all the heathens.