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This example confuses me. How, in Bhaal's name, does alignment lead to uniformity of taste? It seems to do the opposite -- you have set of flavors. If you like Lawful good = lemon / Neutral = oatmeal / Chaotic neutral = ghost pepper. Right? Differences as opposed to uniform grey mush?

It is uniformity of opinions, EVERYONE knows what is good and what is evil, every god, every mortal the universe itself, it is objective.

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that worldview is just that -- a world view. What seems realistic to you is informed by your view of the world.

Let's not have this full discussion, since it would be too far off-topic, but I will ask you a single question:

Could you provide to me rational and logical arguments that would suggest that objective morality can exist in the real world? Because I can provide such arguments for it's absense.
You can't be serious about this question, most of Western Civilization is about ascertaining the truest or most efficient system of morality, you can not believe in any of them but being a Nihilist just puts you around the turn of the last century.