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Femininity should never and does never mean damsel in distress. That is just a trope, I hope, we will get rid off soon.

Vulnerability is one of the aspects of femininity though. Negative aspect, but still.

It's a verytraditional worldview, that does not hold much truth. Gladly in modern media the vulnerability and damsel in distress trope is used less and less. I think in BG 3 they do a pretty good job with the female companions so far in that regard (in other games too). Ironically I can't say much about Minthara, I only watched her scenes on YouTube, but she doesn't seem fall into that trope either.

I didn't want to get off the trail with the alignment discussion, which seems to be pretty lively atm.
I think to not give the companions alignment tags is not a bad thing. Let their actions speak for them.
If it didn't exist as a facet of femininity the we wouldn't get all those femme fatales that use it to seduce or suborn hapless do-gooders, nor would we get women who play off these tropes in other ways.
I don't see how these things need to be treated as a zero-sum, having a damsel in distress in your story doesn't stop other representations of femininity from happening. I don't think it denigrates womankind either as if everyone has to have their shit together to take part in a story.