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Could you provide to me rational and logical arguments that would suggest that objective morality can exist in the real world? Because I can provide such arguments for it's absense.

I am (sincerely) sorry to disappoint Sozz but in real life I, as I do suspect you, believe that morality is a socio-historical construct and not the instantiation of divine or natural forces.

(although I do believe that morality has some naturalistic bases -- the ability to mentally reverse and put ourselves into the position of other and I'm at least open to possibility that the feeling of empathy has evolutionary origins. Humans are dependent (and annoying) for a very long time and something keeps most parents from tossing the little ones the cliff)

So do I have you right, are you a social constructionist? If so what gives you the confidence that you have an objective view of what morality is like in our world?

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