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So do I have you right, are you a social constructionist? If so what gives you the confidence that you have an objective view of what morality is like in our world?

Logic and reason. I am all ears to the alternatives, if it sounds better and more logical I will change my mind.

Well that would take in a direction you've said you don't want to go. As social constructionists we know that one cannot separate subject and object and any 'objective' viewpoint is filtered through the lens by which it is seen. I think the 'grey morality' view is one that is allied with or an expression of political realism. Which believes that morality is either impossible or undesirable.

I would mention that there is one minor but significant difference between our constructionist viewpoint -- one that resonates with the nihilist / existentialist distinction @sozz brought up.
It exists in the mind of humans, and is different depending on the individual, it does not exist on a cosmic scale in a vacuum.

I think that's overstated. I think points of agreement are codified in documents like the universal declaration of human rights and other such documents. We don't need to think that morality is the expression of a cosmic force to see that certain ethical / moral principles are spelled out in certain historically constructed artifacts.

But the core of disagreement (and it's been fun) boils down to this:
it is not a concept I want to be objective due to magic in video games.

To me the world become less interesting the less magical it gets. I want the power of the gods to turn away evil undead, I want smite devils with divine power. I want holy swords to hum with the power of objective goodness.

Make way evil!