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I really dont get all those complaints about misses, do people really get THAT frustrated when things dont go the way they want nowadays? Seriously...

Just take your time to learn the game, strategize, etc. Also,you can always play on easy or story mode when it becomes a thing, whats the point of making a strategy game where everything always hit and everyone is an inflated HP balloon? Why even bother positioning and thinking in that scenario?

From some reason I often get suggestions "you have other options to make game easier" when I talk about less misses.

I do NOT want game to be easier. It is already easy as it is - I was able to kill The Hag (Auntie) in one turn, before she managed to escape to her cellar behind fake fireplace, misses notwithstanding. And she was hardest NPC that I met so far ( lvl 5 with 130hp I think), not to mention her 4 or so Redcap minions with 40ish hp each ( took me 3 more turns for them, mainly due to waiting for them to enter hut ).

So no, I neither want nor need game to be easier. I want it to be less annoying ( regarding misses ) , and would gladly accept option to reduce misses even if it comes with harder difficulty.

Obviously I use advantages always and remove disadvantages like low light whenever they appear ( or killing Hag in one turn would not be possible), so I doubt I miss more that other people - it is just that I do not like frequent misses. There is ONE out of my 4 characters where I know why he misses often ( using GWM with two hander, with -5 penalty ), but even knowing does not make it less annoying. Not to mention misses of other 3 characters that do not have GWM.

Second thing people often bring out is along your "whats the point of making a strategy game where everything always hit?". First, I do not need "always hit", just "no frequent misses". And you need not look any further than Larian's own DoS games to see excellent game without excessive misses.