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I want the power of the gods to turn away evil undead,.

Why can't undead be turned by Gods who just hate them and whos magic is their kriptonite?

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I want smite devils with divine power.

You don't need alignment to do this.

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I want holy swords to hum with the power of objective goodness.

Why Goodness and not anti-devilness?

This all can happen without alignment. You can have a paladin in shiny armor fightning undead and devils, without the universe conformation that you are indeed objectively good.

Less interesting, innit? If you judge by memes / comics / mentions which do think is the more popular feature -- a ranger's favored enemy or divine smite?

Why do you think the big baddie is devil and an evil god? Why change gnolls from mutant hyenas to demonspawn? My answer is coolness. What's cooler -- an inherently evil book with forbidden knowledge that you should have read or that book that can't read because only nobles are allowed to read that stuff? I say the former.

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