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Well, as much as I agree with you, BG3 is set in the D&D multiverse and good/evil & law/chaos IS an objective concept here - I don't exactly like that part, but it is what it is.

I understand, I just express my vote for Wizards to move away from alignment, which they slowly are as I see.

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For instance, Raphael - a devil - is an essence of lawful evil, and actually must obey a very specific "truly lawful evil" morality - lawful evil mortals would generally have a much broader set of worldviews, behaviors and moralities than the devils and beings inherently connected to Baator.

And you can very easily say that devils are just creatures in whos nature it is to keep their word, and that they lack empathy. Simple.

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Why do you think the big baddie is devil and an evil god?

It is for the player to decide who the big baddie is, and it does not have to be an evil god or a devil, you are free to make choices.

Regardless, like I said, we can agree to disagree, I get your point, we just have different opinions on what is fun and cool and what is not, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think we need to get back, on topic, before the mods ask us to do so, this was fun but the derail is real. lol