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I think we need to get back, on topic, before the mods ask us to do so, this was fun but the derail is real. lol
Yeah, off-topic is strong here. Time for me to bid farewell. smile I will just re-state my (here probably very unpopular) opinion:
  • This game absolutely does not need another romance. The existing romances need to be fixed/improved - even removing some of those in order to focus on the rest would be fine by me. Or remove ALL of them and focus on more important parts of the game (Waifu-worshippers, please don't kill me grin ). I mean, do ALL chars need to be romanceable by MC? Should they be, really? All are somehow hot singles in your area?
  • Minthara is a cool character, if there is an Absolute / actual True Soul playthrough, she would make sense as an alternative to SH (SH will attack you along with most of your companions once your allegiance is obvious or something like that)
  • No, Minthara as a party member does not imply you need to implement a romance with her beyond the scene already present. Regarding the scene (and other scenes as well): Please fix the glitches or remove it entirely (Waifu-worshippers, please don't kill me grin ).
  • Dear Larian, if you smell lots of money and decide to implement Minthara romance, please, don't give her a redemption arc or any BS like that, or "Larian's latest game Baldur's Gate 3 causes projectile vomiting in many gamers" will be an actual headline in newspaper...

Bye, everybody! See you in other threads.

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