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After you got the Magical items question is rather what do with all the money???

They could in ACT 2 my suggestions to be able to buy in city Baldurs Gate 2.

1. Buy one house for yourself.. example Mansion if really rich in this game. If you have children, but I doubt we can make children in this game you could spend a lot of money on their future set up a trust fund for them.
2. In addition to your romance... have a paid Escort one favorite one expensive to pay. Yes I want full adult content.
3. A Bordell see option 2.
4. Hire an Mercenary band to do something... example Guard this or Escort.
5. If Evil hire an Assassin to ...
6. Do good to others. Donate money to the city poor. Donate money to City so they have money to pay guards. Donate money to your deity Church. Donate money to Music or Art whatever is your passion.
7. Donate money for a building project whatever you want example Zoo in Baldurs Gate 3... or whatever is your passion.
8. Go with money in your romance. Buy your loved something really expensive jewelry very expensive Diamonds.
9. Be member of VIP Swingers Club like they might have in Germany. Membership is not free.
10. Be a member of a landlord club of your country and membership costs money and also their events example sea voyage together travel and to eat expensive restaurant food on the ship. I am that in real life member of such organisation that all members are landlords.
11. Be member of luxury Club that have sports and SPA and Swimming areas etc.
12. Donate money to a special secret organisation example Harpers.
13. Waste money partying drink booze and pay for expensive food etc.

I am very far from poor in fact I am landlord in real life and many would consider me wealthy the so called Upper Middle Class in net wealth google it if you do not know what that is? That being said I am not millionaire as in one million euro net value (that is more then 1 million dollar, but I am used to Euro currency and live in Europe.) Prostitution is legal in my country in Europe and I do not see anything illegal in it as long as it is adults and voluntary and not forced.

It could be nice to be rich millionaire in Baldurs Gate 3. Remember this is Act 1. How rich will you be at end of Act 2?

The Sims: BG3 Edition?
/headslap No. Just...No.