I agree that she needs a better hairstyle or a revamp later in the game. I'm assuming there's going to be a break from the companions once they reach Baldur's Gate, with practically everyone heading there for their own reasons. I'm hoping it'd give the PC a chance to explore and maybe reconnect with each NPC after some time has passed. I'm also really hoping they introduce guild storylines and that the city is at least as big as it was in BG2. I can't wait for the fights in the docks or alleys. Climbing the environment to break into houses, like a thieve's guild mission, would also be awesome. Maybe they introduce skill checks for large climbs or acrobatic stunts. I know that's Athkatla and not Baldur's Gate, but Baldur's Gate appears to be a much larger city with a much larger dock area:

[Linked Image from i.pinimg.com] Baldur's Gate Map

[Linked Image from mikesrpgcenter.com] Baldur's Gate in BG1

[Linked Image from mocagh.org]Athkatla in BG2


That was my evil playthrough, siding with Minthara and getting the romance scene, just to be attacked right after and every goblin going hostile. Maybe I messed it up, but why let us go this far just to have them turn on us as well?

I support Minthara as a companion. I also hope they add at least a dozen more, or spread out the beginning characters more. I know it's sort of like Original Sin 2, where you can select a premade character with their own in-game story, but still. They don't even have alternate starts and it's literally walking into one right after the other in a span of 30 minutes. There are several good starting points for the initial "Origin" characters during act 1 besides piling them on the beach and nearby:

Astarion has a certain character (Gandrel) looking for him in the Fetid Bog. What if Gandrel was literally hunting him in the bog, and Astarion was either running or hunting him back? Also, what if Gandrel was another companion? He seems to have a better character made just to die after a short conversation.

Gale could pop out of any portal, so why there? I think the Blighted Village would make a little better choice. The tome is there to feed him and gives him a reason to be there (chasing after artifacts).

Lae'zel's capture seems fine, and Shadowheart, the other character you found in the start of the game, is in an ok spot. She could be moved further into the temple or really anywhere, though. She seems to have a big impact on the story, though, and is a cleric, so having her come up first isn't a bad idea.

So pretty much, you'd meet Shadowheart, then Lae'Zel, then Wyll, then Gale, and then Astarion. There's also any other companions they have in Act 1, like Minthara, Karlach, Gandrel, or Halsen.


Here's a recent Reddit discussion over the evil playthrough. Most people found it lacking but enjoyed having the option. I also support having a full evil and neutral playthrough besides just several good options. Right now, the evil playthrough seems to be the worst since the Goblins and Minthara go hostile at the end, so you basically have to kill everyone. For a chaotic evil character it makes sense, but not for a lawful evil one. I wanted to see how far I could go in the Absolute cult.

I am really hoping they expand each alignment's options so any character can have a good playthrough. I'm reading reports of potentially 16 different endings, and devs saying things like "you can't see all of the content in a single playthrough." I'm just hoping they include every alignment, and not just good/neutral/evil. I would like to be able to just convince the Tieflings, even though they're in the neutral camp with the druids, to just leave chaotically and let the goblins and druids duke it out.

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