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These are just an opinions but they underline differences in DnD vs non-DnD gamers -there are obviously expectations for "true DnD 5e" from one side and expectations for "DoS3" from the other side ( ie for BG3 to be similar but better than DoS2). [...
- "low DnD" mode ( practically DoS3 mode).

I understand that you liked DOS 2, but I don't want to have any of it in a DnD game. And that's what ladan said they are making when they announced BG3.

And it seems you have the notion, that every character need a lot of actions to have tactical depth.
I strongly disagree, you need lots of available choices.

Take chess for example. You only have 1 action per turn. But I think you will agree, that it's a very tactical game.
Maybe it's not fun for you, because you can't set the chess board on fire (at least not as an valid action concerning the roles of chess), but that doesn't mean it doesn't have deep, tactical choices you can make.