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As you may have noticed, there is no good alignments in the story setuo. You are bad party on a lit fuse. Your team will implode by fault lines - each one is a ticking time bomb.
Some carry a less obvious warning sign around their neck or do their bidding just well.

Gale and Astarion are mutally exclusive as well. Some choices benefit one and hurt the other badly.
Haven't used Wyll much but he is bound to his warlock pact. Simple as that.

That was the part of the story not addressed that interested me. Why is it that every NPC has a tadpole in their head like me, as well as some other reason they might die at any moment (besides Lae)? Is that why they were all in that chamber during the prologue cutscene and not just infected like the commoners would be?

Is there something affecting the PC "besides" the tadpole like everyone else in the party?

Maybe your party was chosen because they were seen as powerful, or the Illithid took special interest into their own unique situations for some reason. Does the PC have an otherwise unique circumstance for being there? Raphael and selling your soul is one thing, but this is Baldur's Gate and there are still children of Bhaal running around since he apparently came back to life with his brothers. There's plenty of other possibilities, like the skeleton at your camp actually being Jergel. It could just be a friendly lich, though.

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