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There is unverified information that Minthara was voiced by the same actress who voiced the female version of Commander Shepard - Jennifer Hale

She also did voice acting for Baldurs Gate back in 1998

I wrote her this question, and I will let you know if she answers and confirms the information. Although the voice is very similar
I don't know what's led to this connection.

I've spent a lot of time listening to Jennifer Hale's acting (I've tended to actively seek out playing as characters she portrays).

I'm not aware of her ever "putting on a voice", but even if I'm listening for that, I can't hear her in Minthara at all. I would be very surprised if she's the actor.

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I'm just hoping they include every alignment, and not just good/neutral/evil.
I think they should have options appropriate for a broad range of world views. But I don't know if they need to explicitly divide choices based on alignment. However, in this case I think you could argue it'd be interesting tohave a pre-Iron Man Tony Stark style of neutrality where you "make a deal" with the goblins/Minthara without directly participating in the slaughter of the druids and then pretend you had nothing to do with it.

Of course, I can imagine it might be nice to imagine a solution where you can broker peace between druid and goblin. However, that wouldn't be "neutral". It'd just mean that helping the druids is relatively less good and brokering peace is the "real" good path.

Also, I think "lawful/chaos" choices would just be nonsense. I mean, the goblins (before The Absolute) had laws. The Absolute has laws. Lolth has laws. Whose laws are you aligned in relation to?