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I would love if they'd open up more hair options for Tieflings, since the npcs already have those.
And more imporzant: playable druid and bard class.
But I guess, the bug fixes would be the most pressing matter.

Nice to see that others are looking for the Druid class and hair

Could we also get lipstick options to go with the eye shadow?
lol I know, pretty far down the list, but I'd like to see it.

I like to leave em with some positives. The render of fire and of swiftly moving water is very well done.
I'm really enjoying the way we are learning about our companions.

I know I'm totally go full on thrall to the absolute because the mind control of others is so easy.
I am interested in seeing how the vampire deals with the tadpole that is enabling him a visit to normal life.

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