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I still don't get why it has to be just one and only one number. Why not have it be that 4 is the default party size around which the game is built, and then let us - the players - decide whether it should be 5 or 6 or obviously something less than 4, that is best for us? I am yet to read a rational argument for why this would be bad for the game.
+1 not going to get into the weeds of game balance v party size, but i agree with kanisatha that players should be able to decide how many party members they want to bring. but since the current build of the game only allows a total of four member slots, those players whom would prefer an increased party size beyond four currently have no larian ingame mechanics (that im aware of) that would allow for increased party size, and tbh based on my experience participating in the ea i dont have really have high expectations for larian to budge on this game design which is frustrating.

obligatory - in the og bg games you had 6 party slots and could use those slots as the player prefers, either solo, or anywhere between 2-6 party size - wouldve hoped this continued in bg3

as an aside kanisatha - have you gotten a chance to play the ea yet? wink