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This is a large part of the reservations I have about whether or not Minthara will be a bigger player in the story, the hoops you have to jump through to even have her be alive at the end of Act 1 are significant.

You have to both choose the path of most resistance in siding with the goblins, you have to not rebuff her advances, then after that you have to succeed one or two persuasion rolls in order for her to not stab you in the back after.
In a list of characters that players a likely to never have more than one dialogue with, expecting Minthara to get a really fleshed out role in the story probably ranks as low as a Kisame Hoshigaki gaiden.

At least 25% of players, even in a crude, unfinished version, where there is no motivation to take the path of evil, chose this root and slept with Minthara. This amount will be higher in the release. Plus there is an option that she can stay alive and in a good passage, many asked about this.

If it was about 1-5% it would be a different story, but Minthara is quite popular