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I should likely add, while I think Halsin and Astarion are offenders in my opinion to what elves -should- look like, they are not neccesarily bad design. They just strike me as half-elven more than full elven, going by lore and how FR has elves represented. In light of that, I think especially Halsin is a cool design that fits a half-elf really well.
What the fuck?! Halsin is an Elf? I did not even notice he was Elf. Well true some Elven characters in this game do not look enough Elven.

Halsin was never member of my party though I did meet him:

I killed all the Golbin leaders including the Drow also on first try no load without any help from Halsin as level 3 then became level 4 and killed everyone in courtyard or the fortress first try no load needed. When I finally found place where Halsin should have been found traces that Halsin had escaped in Bear form. I met Halsin in Thiefling Village after I killed all the Goblin Leaders.

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