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You have to both choose the path of most resistance in siding with the goblins, you have to not rebuff her advances, then after that you have to succeed one or two persuasion rolls in order for her to not stab you in the back after.

How is that a path of most resistence? Persuasion rolls are easy.

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To be clear the question isn't if there will be something, they've already shown us that there will be, it's how well it will be done and to what extent, considering how few people will ever see it in the end. If 80%-90% of people pass it by in their first, and only 20% of people play the game more than once...you see what I'm getting at.

As it stand, I wouldn't be surprised if Minthara being alive at the end of the grove conflict means little more than having an ally at Moonrise Towers who can easily exit the plot once our quest there is over.

Remember this?:
''developer Larian lamented the fact the most popular choices in character creation resulted in just about the most generic man you could imagine. Or, as Larian put it: "the default Vault Dweller."

Why have customization options if majority of players play default human? Because the more little choices that only a small % of people will choose the better. This is an RPG every choice you don't make, makes the choice that you do make more meaningful.

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