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I also am seriously skeptical that the knockout functionality will allow for the kind of bifurcation you're hoping for, but as a way of putting a hostile Minthara at Moonrise Towers that you could potentially suborn into your quest, I'm open to, I just don't think that without the "heart to heart" that you have with her during the camp celebration, there is going to be that option.
You should check out a game called Expeditions: Viking

Aside from the fact that it's just a really good game, it also has a knockout mechanic that is pretty meaningful.

There are plenty of situations in that game where you are in combat with a villain and your decision about whether or not kill them has a significant impact on events that follow. (In one instance, the villain escapes and gets in my way again in the future.)

It also has an interesting choices, as you have some wars in which there's no bad guy, just a "less good/more evil" guy, but you're gathering allies so you need to pick a side.

The "evil path" is also legitimised because it's about honouring your fighing culture, wrecking stuff and taking what you need by force.

I generally played EV as a "good Viking", but there were times when I came across a wealthy church, and I was like, "You know what? They're jerks and they don't need so much gold," and (nonlethally) raided the church, taking all their riches. The game didn't have a karma meter, so that didn't make me "evil", but it did mean the church hated me. lol

From what you describe it's well done indeed. Even from most of villains, you could expect that if you do show them mercy, they definitely are going to approve this, even if you are on completely opposite sides. Owning your life to someone is probably the biggest debt that one can have. And by approve this, I mean that we might recieve help from them even in the most unexpected moment, for example.

Yes, some of them won't care and will fight/betray you again. But those won't be in majority.

Coming back to BG3 and Minthara, about who is this entire thread; she does seem to have a certain code of honour; even if towards certain people. From interactions that we have seen so far, she isn't one of those, who will be angry just because you do not want to finish them off.