Jumping around the terrain is fine, but the jumping in combat needs to be cut down. It makes the jump spell a little irrelevant.
I would also like to see climbing and rope use used instead of all the jumping. Some jumping is fine, but having to carry a rope and climbing gear sounds a lot more D&D to me than jumping does (there is a LOT of rope in this game already).

Food is also an issue. I also try and self police, but sometimes it is all you have (I'd rather that then constantly going to camp to have a long rest- which I don't do until my party really needs it).
Perhaps food could also be corrected by having to make food out of ingredients, with some already prepared food available as well (buy or find). Eating raw potatoes to get better doesn't seam right!
Larian could also limit the amount of food you could eat. This would also increase the desire of people to make food in the game, which has better healing powers. You would still have to be careful that it doesn't take the place of healing spells and potions.

As far as discounts or refunds are concerned. Sorry, I don't agree with that. This is EA and we bought in knowing that. If it was a finished game and it was broken, I'd understand completely.