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This isn't directed to anyone in particular. But good lord, keep the entitlement to a minimum, would you?

This is game development, not some small assignment that's going to have a report every couple of weeks. For a major AAA game no less. If you chose to be part of the Early Access, you knew this going in. They even said it prior to them selling anything. The game isn't going anywhere.

I think it's been made clear by every single one of their major patches and hotfixes they've been listening to feedback. There's a priority. Unlike DoS, where they were completely fan funded, this is not. They don't owe us an update every step of the way. It's going to be a long year and half (or more) if you folks keep wanting news every 2 weeks. It'll happen. We are just out of the holidays and still in a worldwide pandemic.

It's fun to read the updates as they come, but I check the forums once a week. If there's news, great. If there isn't, I'll just check next week. It's not like I'm going to get screwed out of my money. I'll have a game a launch, just the same as anyone else.


I'm eager for new content as well, but it's a massive project with many wheels in motion. Quality work takes time, and with the potential this game has, I'd love for Larian to take as much of it as they need.