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Disclaimer: I do NOT know the 5E rules.

I'll go ahead and jump in this thread specifically about the high ground "I Win button" that is currently implemented. I'd like to see 2 changes myself and the 2nd might not be popular.

1. Personally I think Adv/Disadv needs to be removed from the equation completely with regards to height's influence.

2. Higher ground should increase the range for physical attacks(arrows/bolts/thrown items). This should NOT apply to spells.

Imo increased range is the only benefit higher ground should have and that is because that is just plain how gravity works. A spell's range is basically a sphere centered on the caster that the spell can reach before it fizzles out. Higher ground would have no affect on that. I feel this would still make higher ground advantageous for any ranged toon since by its very nature it limits an enemies access to you.

I want to test out additional range for higher ground! It's still a benefit but not something that will feel like a must-have.

Although I'd be open to have some spells benefit too, any ranged attack that is logically influenced by gravity. (for example Eldritch Blast probably wouldn't be).

I've fired at things from higher ground before and noticed an "outside normal range" modifier listed but not seen if that applies any penalty. I can not say for sure if I've had that option when firing from lower ground to higher ground. If it is a mechanic that is applied to archery regardless of height and does indeed incur a penalty to hit, imo firing from higher ground should increase your default range so that the "outside normal range" penalty is applied at a greater distance than would be applied to someone shooting from ground level.