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In D&D5, 'Versatile' means that the weapon can be wielded one-handed or two-handed. The two-handed wield option inflicts more damage.

BG3 has, so far as I can see (I've not tested every combination), implemented this, so the answer is yes.

Sadurian, this is currently not accurate, I'm sorry. It's not true at all.

Currently there is *NO WAY* to use a Versatile weapon one-handed without also equipping a shield - no way to use a versatile weapon one-handed, with your other hand empty. It will always be used two-handed if your off-hand is empty, and use the higher damage die.

If there IS a way to use a versatile weapon one-handed while your off-hand is empty, then the game does not make the mechanic of how to do so clear or visible; to the extent that everyone here believes it cannot be done.
My apologies, and thank you Niara. I missed the part about having an empty off'-hand.