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This has been said a thousand times, but I will say it again.

1) no one asked for 20 years old graphics.

2) no one asked for old mechanics to be implemented as they were in a new game (except maybe for party movement because what was done 20 years ago was better than the chain mechanic)

3) yes, maybe... I hope more companionship, a better feeling of a journey across the swordcoast.

What does time has to do with this ?
Isn't there new games that looks or feel way more like BG than BG3 does ?
+1 i agree with max - these just come off as straw man arguments/responses that dont actually work to address the valid criticism being cited of an early access dnd 5e video game, we all can do better as a community/fanbase here.

regarding the atmosphere point, i do agree that the current plot/atmosphere feels a little too 'vibrant' or 'campy' for the bg ip - idk, it is hard to describe, but i just feel like the current build/world is too full of bright colors. in particular when compared to the opening cinematic.