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This has been said a thousand times, but I will say it again.

1) no one asked for 20 years old graphics.

2) no one asked for old mechanics to be implemented as they were in a new game (except maybe for party movement because what was done 20 years ago was better than the chain mechanic)

3) yes, maybe... I hope more companionship, a better feeling of a journey across the swordcoast.

What does time has to do with this ?
Isn't there new games that looks or feel way more like BG than BG3 does ?

> The atmosphere, graphics? Again NO.
> The UI, inventory management and presentation. Like BG2?

No one? Yes?

Maybe I misunderstood post I was responding to, but it's very likely that some of you want literally the same game. Even in a graphic sense, lol.

Also I think inventory in BG2 is terrible. Yes in BG3 inventory system is not perfect too, but this is not a reason to do exactly the same inventory like in old BG. It just needs to be changed, in a new way.

The genre must evolve and change, including mechanics and gameplay elements.

Many games in this genre have tried to simply copy BG, such as PoE. And what Obsidian doing now? Oh, yes, some kind of action game that can be sold much better. If you want to make a genre popular (cuz now it's not very popular if you compare sales with action games), then you need to change it, not follow the old mechanics, because " the fans remember it that way".

Make this game better? Yes.
Make it look like the old ones? Nope.

Even if you and some of the old fans think that "everything was better before."

This is my opinion.

Yes, you missunderstood what you read.
"Looking like" and "feel like" doesn't mean it has to be the exact same without any improvement.

Make this game better? Yes.
This is probably what everyone still posting here want.

Even if you and some of the younger fans think that "everything is better now".
Looks like even if this has been said a thousand times... you still don't (try to) understand.

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