Well without quoting any special member.

First of all Early Access was meant to be included only Act1 and not Act 2 or Act 3. I do not know how they will fix testing for Act 2 or 3 but it could be example Closed Beta.

There are here these things to consider:
A. From Act 1 there is released 1a but not 1 b. It means Act 1 still have some new areas though it could be that 1b is not as big area as 1a.
B. There will be more classes and maybe even races. "If not all at once they could example release 1-2 classes every second month until all classes are released that will bee in the game." I do NOT know this. I hope we get more classes in Early Access ,but I know that there will be more classes in this game.
C. Lots of movies story things we still have not get in Early Access in Act 1.
D. Spells and feats? I think they have already increased spells people have not simple noticed that.
E. More according to DD rules? Maybe that but I do not know what they will do about it. Only maybe and not sure.
F. More difficulty then only Normal? Yes that will be in game, but I do not know if we get them in Early Access.

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