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B. There will be more classes and maybe even races. "If not all at once they could example release 1-2 classes every second month until all classes are released that will bee in the game." I do NOT know this. I hope we get more classes in Early Access ,but I know that there will be more classes in this game.
Honestly i hope they choose "all at once, as soon as possible approach" ... otherwise there is danger that last class or race will have conciderable less feedback than all the others. :-/
Also i believe that i have heard that EA was suppose to last (At least, and not in total, i hope?) a year ... that seem impossible by now, since we would have almost first half of testing behind us and we werent even able to test everything so far. laugh
Oh when this game is done? I guess BG3 is done something between: November 2021 - March 2022 that is my best guess and I do not know that. I do not know how or when I maybe get more classed in Early Access. I only know there will be more classes in the game.

Release date could also be later in year 2022. They did say Early Access should take at least a year like minimum.

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