Someone on Youtube went and made a video for "How to Win" in Baldur's Gate 3. It really shows how the mechanics Larian added to the game outshine any class, ability, or spell. It's a great point of reference to discuss how these mechanics are problematic and how we can evaluate changes.

Youtube Link

(Assuming Larian would prefer to keep the mechanics in the game).

> High Ground, it's really highlighted how much survival high ground gives even without providing advantage/disadvantage. Attacks with advantage and receiving attacks at disadvantage are absolutely overtuned. A +2 to hit from higher ground is clearly more than generous. I really believe players will be fine without getting additional evasion from higher ground, the existing collision checks are more than enough. Good job on collision checks Larian.

> Backstab, I really feel is bugged. I doubt it's working as designed. The player should have to move in stealth, outside of combat, to get backstab. A way to ensure this would be to have enemies face an active character within 2 meters of them. If you move the character around them the enemy should be rotating to keep eyes on the moving player.