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Copy and past environment : This has to be done smartly, but you know that each assets are used a billions time in video game right?
So you agree it is a bad thing to overdo it, but game developers might be tempted in order to save development time and pad out the game?

The point is that when a game is said to have "30 hours" of playtime -- how much of that content is actual genuine content?

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Missing secret : I don't like it [...]
So would you say that this content is worthy of your time?

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Extreme difficulty : Yeah, another Dark soul critic I Guess..

Marathon level without checkpoint : Again, Demon soul, dark souls.
You're allowed to enjoy Dark Souls. But does the game really get credit for being "over 44 hours" long if 20 of those hours is you respawning from the same checkpoint? Can you imagine anyone else getting bored of that?

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Random drop : So I guess diablo are bad games? I don't agree with that.
I'm really confused by a lot of your criticisms about that article. Again, you need to pay attention to how they're describing it.

"Random Drops which may result in a player lingering in an area for a long period of time trying to get the drop."

This does not really describe Diablo. The official length of the game Diablo 3 is just over 18 hours. This play time does not include you farming for random loot drops. The random loot farming in Diablo 3 was a metagame that most players didn't participate in.

The game Anthem had a main quest set called "Tombs of the Legionnaires", which you needed to complete in order to make progress in the game, and demonstrates many "fake longevity" examples because Bioware got really really desperate to pad out the game length. One of these was called Trial of Yvenia where you needed to farm for random drops.

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mass monster sidequest. So, would we remove any area that has tons of killing? Does that include goblin fortress? Or tyr paladin encounter in Throne of Bhaal? Or any encounter that has more than ten enemies? Again, a very ambiguous statement.
"Mass Monster Slaughter Sidequests which consist of hunting for and killing the same type of enemy over and over again."

I really don't know how you struggle to interpret this. Additionally, if you had trouble understanding that one sentence, I don't understand how you justify not clicking on the link to read the full article discussing the mass monster slaughter sidequest. You're just jumping in here with your hot takes instead of taking the time to understand what you're reading first.