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Yes, you missunderstood what you read.
"Looking like" and "feel like" doesn't mean it has to be the exact same without any improvement.

Make this game better? Yes.
This is probably what everyone still posting here want.

Even if you and some of the younger fans think that "everything is better now".
Looks like even if this has been said a thousand times... you still don't (try to) understand.

I already told you, I also think game has problems, so I don't think "everything is better now". I just think devs must add something new and not copy old. Adding old mechanics "like in BG2" is not a solution to problem.
It's an indulgence of your nostalgia.

Also it is very convenient to ignore inconvenient phrases, but oh well.

Something new ? Absolutely. Who said something else ?

Adding old mechanics could be a solution to specific problems yes. An exemple ? The chain mechanic.
It was obviously better.

Inconvenient phrase ? Obsidian ?

Do you really think PoE would have been more sucessfull with another UI, with a party of 4, with a chain, with a list to fast travel between locations or with less companions ? Because that's a few exemples of what "looking more like BG" mean.

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