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Yes, something is coming,

Well, winter is just about to start here in southern Sweden...
Finally some true info about you Dexai that I believe. Oh ok I will tell roughly from where I am from. Southern Finland we do have had winter here quite a while we are slightly north of Stockholm Sweden much north from your southern Skåne area in Sweden.

Please note I do not hate Sweden people. The only temporary dislike is perhaps during a sports event like icehockey game Finland vs Sweden.
Oh and I am dual speaker I speak Swedish and Finnish both as native language and English pretty well. I have also one friend that is born in Sweden and some relatives on Sweden side as well near Stockholm.

There you go everything I have said is truth and I am long time member of Finland landlord club (that every year have a nice, and huge boat trip with high class restaurant catering etc you know those big boats Viking Line and Silja Line they rent one such whole freaking boat for one trip/once year before COVID 19 situation and only members and their direct family like wife are allowed on that trip and pretty fullbooked every member willing can not attend (though most do not want attend) we have more then 20 000 members):
The Finnish Landlord Association
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Finally there are lot of people that are millionaires (in Euro currency) both in Sweden and Finland that are more wealthy then me. Finland is more capitalistic then Sweden in that regard we tend to own apartments and houses fully 100% and not like in Sweden where bostadsrätt is more popular kind of system you own maybe maximum 30 % (do not confuse with mortgage debt in this case you can not buy it all even if you would like to do it) of the apartment.

Another less spoken about Capitalism I know that within my club of landlords there is an unofficial Elite they are all millionaires there. I do not belong to that Elite despite I am certainly not newbie or less then most since I rent 3 apartments and most members rent 1 or 2 apartments to other people.

Why do you keep posting this weird shit that's unrelated to the post lol? I blame OP for the "how much do you make" nonsense that started this.