I entirely disagree. The powers from the tadpole, are a direct homage to the powers from Bhaalspawn. An evil entity using you(Bhaal), a new god The Absolute(Rebirth of Bhaal using his spawn as a new vessel or just taking over the throne), Having to give into the influence of the tadpole, or resist it(literally exactly what you are doing in BG I), the true souls are working together(OK so not this one, Bhaalspawn were more of a Highlander, there can be only one, getting more powerful from killing your half-siblings. However, we do see that....forgot her name, The Goblin Shaman seems to be a true soul and wants to study/kill you, so maybe it will be Highlanderesk in the later chapters.) Then who is this Absolute, its a new god, and its definitely not a benevolent one. Could this be the Bhaalspawn that ascended?

As of right now the game seems like a love-letter to Baldur's Gate I & II. It's also EA, and I'm sure they want to leave some big reveals to come as well.

As far as gameplay goes, I feel its held onto too much of the PnP style of RPGs / Original BG/NWN games. It needs to evolve that system, if we are going to truly get a rebirth of this franchise and/or successful WotC representation in the genre again.

Also as an aside, just the fact that they mentioned Elminster in a author's note inside a book you can read, sucked me back to my childhood when I played BG I. Surreal moment for me.