There are elements that hint back to how things were handled in the BG series but... It feels hamfisted in. It is not too original to do a repeat of things in a new coat (borrowing from both BG story as well as DOS stuff, the intro is a big offender there) and it feels forced. I get it is meant as a love letter to the old BG games and a homage (something that I considered a good thing and was excited for before I started playing) but... it kind of misses the mark I feel.

The impression I got with BG3 so far is that there is an attempt to make us get the Baldur's Gate 2 experience, without the Baldur's Gate 1 experience. No buildup at all, you just get thrown in what almost feels like the middle of a story, with really high stakes that I tend to associate with high level stories. (Mindflayers, dragonriders, literally one of the Hells itself). This is emphasized by the companions with their backgrounds where they are portrayed as powerful/accomplished people. This is a story that would make a good sequel, but instead we get it as the start of a story where it feels weird to be level 1. To survive the entire prologue as a new adventurer is kind of a case of dumb luck more than anything and kind of feels railroaded in a sense. To have these companions with epic backstories feels.. weird to be level 1 too.

It is a shame, because I think for me I would have enjoyed the story a LOT more personally if it indeed was a sequel/BG4. Your main character would be accomplished too at the mid-levels (assuming this would be a starting point, going by the BG1 >2 experience) and would fit in with the companions, rahter than being the random baby adventurer amongst the group of big shots (storywise at least). The setting and stakes would feel more in line what to expect from the midlevels and you had a buildup as well (if the stakes and situations are epic from the start, there is nowhere to go but up from there really, making stuff more and more ridicilous as you go on to keep the awe factor).

Even without a fantastical, epic introstory you can weave stories where you start as a fresh adventurer properly ( building up to the point where Hell travelling eldritch spaceships attacked by dragonriders is a natural porogression) that is cool and makes you feel like a hero.