Even if I don't really understand what Seiryu Suta could disagree about what I said...

I'd also like to answer about the tadpole powers which "could be" an homage to the old games.
That's an interresting point but if that's really something supposed to be like in BG1/2... I guess we'll also have new powers for not using the tadpole...?
Because that's what happen in the old games. You have an evil route and a good route, good dreams and bad dreams.
At the moment In BG3 you have the choice between using the tadpole (evil) or nothing (good).
But it's the beginning of the EA and something like this would definitely be interresting.

On the other hand everyone knows that the stories have a link. Is that enough to make a game "feel like" or "look like" ? As many players, I don't think so.
The D/N cycle/meteo effects is another great exemple of things that could have been implemented for BG3 to "look more like".

But you're right there's not nothing.
That's not something I said.

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