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> Backstab, I really feel is bugged. I doubt it's working as designed. The player should have to move in stealth, outside of combat, to get backstab. A way to ensure this would be to have enemies face an active character within 2 meters of them. If you move the character around them the enemy should be rotating to keep eyes on the moving player.

I think you are contwining BG3 backstabs with the old 2nd Ed backstabs. I don't think BG3 backstabs are bugged at all and there is no reason a character should be stealthed to get them. They're just BG3's implementation of facing/flanking mechanics.

It would have analogous use to 2e's backstab xD (I only have experience with 5e).

Well, 5e's optional facing has the understanding the enemy can take a reaction to face you. It's partially why I said earlier I feel high ground is the bigger priority. I feel backstab will become less of an issue with reactions. (TBH there are multiple options to balance backstab to be in a healthier place).

I'm saying it's bugged in the speculation designers either:

A) didn't realize it would become an exploit without reactions
B) expected reactions to be in the game, but it's been delayed for reasons unknown