+1 I like a lot of the gigantic combats in this game, but they'd be more fun and more balanced with 6 player turns a round than 4. The counterargument is that every combat would have to be beefed up for a 6 PC group, but I'm ok with that. I also think that it'd be more interesting to see the interplay between 6 characters, especially if we're still going to "lock in" our party after Act 1. If we're going to have "Lock in" and the "hireling Companions" that can be custom built (an idea they have acknowledged they're considering) I think we should definitely have at least 6, even if it's only in camp. I like the hireling idea so that I can fiddle with different party builds, but I'd hate to have to sacrifice Companion interactions.

And did I read somewhere that they're now actually considering this?